Impressive Features of Modern Day Pressure Cookers

Impressive Features of Modern Day Pressure Cookers

What would we do without pressure cookers? Pressure cookers are our cooking partners. They limit the time spent in the kitchen cooking and at the same time tender impressive results. Individuals are able to effortlessly exercise their culinary skills. The cooking experience keeps unfolding for the better due to introduction of modern pressure cookers. The exceptional performance of modern pressure cookers can be accredited to the many features the cookers have.

Major Features

Spring Valve Pressure Regulators​

The current pressure cookers use advanced pressure regulation technology- spring valve pressure regulators. These pressure regulators have a small valve that display the pressure level being sustained.

Dual Pressure Settings​

Pressure cookers have high and low pressure settings to allow cooking of several types of food. At the touch of a button, users are able to adjust the pressure settings. There are modern pressure cookers that have more than two settings which improves users’ cooking experience.

A Back up Pressure Release Mechanism​

Pressure build up inside a pressure cooker can exceed the recommended level. The extra pressure that builds up is released by the primary pressure valve. In the event that the primary pressure valve is malfunctioning, there is a secondary pressure valve that conducts pressure release.

Stainless Steel Material​

Stainless steel has become a popular material in the construction of modern pressure cookers. This material is associated with strength and durability. Pressure cookers that are made of stainless steel barely get damaged. They are suitable for pressure cooking without the need for regular replacement. Stainless steel does not easily stain which makes pressure cookers retain a brand new look constantly.

Cover Interlock Mechanisms​

This is a safety measure that is common in modern pressure cookers. Cover interlock mechanisms ensure pressure build up begins only when the lid is safely locked. The cover lock similarly supports effective pressure release. It unlocks after pressure has subsided to a secure, low level.

Pressure Release Methods​

Modern pressure cookers use natural and quick pressure release methods. The natural release method takes around 20minutes before the pressure drops significantly. The quick release method involves a forward pull of the pressure valve triggering pressure release.

Advanced Base Materials​

Modern pressure cookers have bi-metal and tri-metal bases made of aluminum. This feature lessens burning. Cleaning the pressure cooker becomes easier.

Sturdy Handles​

Presence of large and strong handles on each side of modern pressure cookers amplifies their functions. The handles steer easy and safe movement of a pressure cooker. The large size of the handles minimizes contact between the pressure cooker and users’ hands.

Automatic Shut off​

Electric pressure cookers are able to detect problems that occur throughout the process of cooking. They use the internal temperature readings to detect the problems. The instance the problems are identified, the cookers automatically shut off.

Cooking Racks​

A number of modern pressure cookers have cooking racks that increase cooking control and flexibility. The cooking racks are used to hold ingredients or food separately.​

In conclusion, finding a quality modern pressure cooker is not as difficult as most people think. The guiding principle should be assessing the superior features a particular pressure cooker is gifted with.

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