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Rice Cooker Reviews

Rice is one of the most consumed ingredients in the world, with billions and billions of tons being produced every year. The Chinese and the Japanese are the heaviest consumers, but the Western world is also slowly catching up! Rice is also very tricky to make, believe it or not! Since there are so many different varieties, it is truly an art form and a one that requires you to be adept in several things, from temperature monitoring, setting pressure, and deciding on the amount of water that fits the best with any given type of rice! Sadly, we still end up with burnt, overcooked or mushy rice most of the times.

This is why clever people came up with rice cookers! To a certain degree, all rice cookers present you with an automated, exact process that allows you to cook rice perfectly most of the times. Some even cook perfect rice every single time, but which one is the best? It is quite astonishing actually, given what we know about rice!

A lot of different rice cookers are available on the market today, from those entry-level products (some of which are quite good, as you will get a chance to read), to big brand names that have been in the business for decades now! You have your cheap rice cooker, rice cooker and steamer, pressure rice cooker, all in all, too many different types and variations to count on bringing a good decision without knowing anything about how to compare those cookers! That is why we took the time to single out most common types of rice cookers and to present you with the top rated rice cookers for each type! This will allow you to make a decision based on more than just an educated guess, so let us take a quick look at types of rice cookers we can find on today’s market!

 Quick Look: Top Rice cookers On Our List

Types of Rice Cookers

As we already mention, types of rice cookers truly do abound, from 1 cup rice cookers to those commercial grade cookers that can prepare more than 60 servings in one go! It is really very difficult to choose one and to know with confidence that you have made the right decision.

In the olden days when there was no electricity, rice was cooked in different kinds of pots, all over the world. Some of those pots have been specially designed for rice, and had some cool, albeit obsolete features. We will not be mentioning any of those in our reviews, however, as preparing rice in them is time-consuming and that is something most people are trying to avoid. Instead, we will be focusing on different kinds of electric rice cookers.​ But not only that, we will pick the finest rice cookers of each type just for you. Have in mind that at the very end, it is you that makes the choice because you know yourself the best and you know what you really need in a good rice cooker.

On/Off Rice Cookers

On/Off Rice Cookers

They really do not get any simpler than this, unless you are willing to cook your rice in a ceramic bowl. These cookers have one purpose, and one purpose alone, to cook rice relatively good. We say relatively because they are not the most reliable of cookers. They are fine for regular white rice and people who do not eat much of it will find this type suits all of their need.

It works pretty simply. You put in rice and water, adjust the timer and switch it on. After it is done the cooker will disengage, either shutting down, or going into keep warm mode, a feature that lowers the temperature and keeps rice warm for a while.

Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer & Warmer Review

This is one of those uncomplicated Zojirushi cookers if you can believe that! No frills, no bells, and certainly no whistles! It is great for people who like their rice uncomplicated, and the preparation simple. Just put in as much rice as you need, and add an equal amount of water. No programs to set and certainly no worries to sweat so simply flip the on switch and let the rice cooking commence!

This is an ideal rice cooker steamer for large families as it will cook up to 15 servings in one go! Also, choose this one only if you predominately cook white rice! There are no settings for brown rice so cooking that variety might prove a bit tricky!​

Features of the Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer & Warmer​

This rice cooker is made from stainless steel materials and very easy to clean and maintain. Its white color and elegant, compact design are a welcome addition to any kitchen. The inner pot is made from non-stick material so the clean up is also easy. It features a see-through lid, so you can peer in and observe the cooking action.

The sides brandish two stay-cool handles so you can carry it while cooking without the fear of getting burned. Also, the cord is removable for easier storing. The product comes with a couple of accessories, and the one that is the most convenient is the stainless steel steamer tray! This allows you to cook your rice and steam vegetables or meat at the same time!

Advantages of Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer & Warmer

  • Versatile use – Other than cooking rice you can also prepare all different kinds of grains and berries in this cooker. Also, make use of that excellent steamer tray you’ll get with it and steam some vegetables and meat while your rice is cooking!
  • Uncomplicated – The ease of use is one of the things this rice cooker has going for it. There are no pesky programs to choose, so simply add rice and water and turn it on! After a while, your rice will be ready and the cooker will keep it warm for you!
  • Easy to clean – The removable inner pot is coated with a nonstick material, making it very easy to clean. You can also take it out and place it in a dishwasher if you’re in a hurry. It is machine friendly and won’t get damaged.
  • Keeps food warm – After you put your rice in and it is cooked the cooker will immediately switch to the heating mode. A tip: add a bit of water at this point to avoid rice going dry. This is great for keeping rice warm until you are done with all your other dishes!
Bottom Line

While Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker/Steamer & Warmer is not one of the cheapest cookers on the market, it most certainly is one of the best! The unparalleled quality you get with this cooker is simply unbeatable, and settling for anything less would be almost a crime. If you decide to get one for your home you can rest assured that every rice meal you cook from then on will simply be delicious!​

Programmable Rice Cookers

Programmable Rice Cookers

These are a bit more sophisticated. While they can do the plain, old simple rice cooking as the type we mentioned above, you also get a few more features with this one. So, for example, you can set it to cook brown rice, and the cooker will adjust the temperature and the duration for that type of rice.

They usually have more than an on-off switch, so they will probably be equipped with an LED display that will allow you to choose to mode and program of cooking and let you set the timer, in the event that you want it to cook and disengage at the time you’re not home. This is great for busy people who can set it to work in the morning and come home to a just cooked bowl of rice and steamed vegetables.

Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer Review

Aroma's excellent four cup cooker is great for families! It cooks exactly the amount you need prepare a perfect Sunday lunch, with a bit left over in case relatives decide to drop by! The great thing about this cooker is the fact that the rice is prepared in no time, and there is no sticking, as the coated pot prevents it entirely! It also comes with a steamer tray and a spatula. Use the steamer tray to prepare vegetables and meat at the same time you are cooking your rice!

You can set the time delay feature 15 hours beforehand and ensure that a hot dinner waits when you get home, tired from work! Simply fill it with rice and water, set the timer to desired hour and come home to find your rice cooked and your vegetables steamed to perfection!​

Features of the Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked)

The elegant outer white casing is easy to maintain and clean, plus it looks great in any kitchen. Another good thing about this cooker is the fact that it is not as bulky as many others out there on the market so it will not take too much space on your countertop! The inner pot is made of non-stick materials and can be removed. It is also dishwasher friendly so simply rinse it out lightly and throw it in the washer! Cleaning is easy with this one!

It has settings to cook white or brown rice, already pre-programmed, and you can also set it only to warm or steam stuff, depending on what you need at the moment! Plan your meals ahead of time using the time delay function, and keep your food warm for longer periods thanks to the automatic keep warm feature!

Advantages of the Aroma 8-Cup (Cooked)

  • Accessories included – You get a steam tray, spatula and a measuring cup with this purchase. Always make sure to use the measuring cup you got with the product when cooking rice inside the cooker!
  • Easy to clean – The outer casing needs just a wipe to be completely clean and the inner pot is coated, so the rice won’t stick to it. Also, it’s completely safe to put it in the dishwasher so manual washing will be a thing of the past!
  • Steams and warms food – It comes with a steam tray, allowing you to steam your vegetable at the same time the rice is cooking. This saves you both time and the need to clean up afterwards, making it exceedingly practical!
  • Affordable – For some rice cookers you have to break the bank. Well, not for this one! It is great quality and affordable to boot, so you can forget about those more expensive models as this one does the job perfectly!
  • Warranty – There is a one-year limited warranty on this product so should something go amiss, you can turn to the manufacturer secure in the knowledge that they will stand behind their product!
Bottom Line

Aroma is one of the leading manufacturers of rice cookers and for a good reason! This cooker is unbeatable in terms of quality in its price range! Order Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer now and get ready to prepare rice dishes more often than you ever have before, simply because it will be so easy and so, so delicious!​

Fuzzy Logics Rice Cookers

Fuzzy Logics Rice Cookers

Fuzzy logics rice cookers are a funny little beast. Essentially they make judgment calls on rice, using refined reasoning, similar to that of a human but much more precise, on whether the rice is just right. They have a lot of different settings, and will let you prepare more than just rice, such as sups and cakes.

They are operated by a microchip so control is very tight. They can make slight temperature adjustment that will eventually have a great impact on how your dish tastes. Since they are quite smart, they also cost a bit more, but usually not that much to drive you into poverty should you decide to buy on. Get this type of rice cooker if you are big on rice and make it often!

Hirbo 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker Review

Some so-called rice cookers are only intended for rice, with programs that are geared toward different strains and kinds of rice. Sometimes the inner pot is not even well-suited for anything else! We call that a shame, and a waste of a good product! This 13-in-1 multifunctional rice cooker prepares rice deliciously, but it is also not very picky! You can prepare everything in it, from rice, vegetables, and pasta, to soup and meat!​

This is not one of those switch-on, switch-off cookers that only does so much when you cook. This product is completely programmable so it will know what you are cooking and how to cook it! Its great design features a tilted display that is very convenient for older people and pregnant women, meaning that you don’t have to crouch down to look at it or operate it! It is also very elegant-looking and will be a great addition to any kitchen!

Features of the Hirbo 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker

The simple outer casing is very convenient, does not take too much room on your kitchen counter top and it is also very easy to clean, a simple wipe is all it needs! The thick black inner pot is coated so the food does not stick to it at all! It can also be taken out and put in a dishwasher, so cleaning it is no daunting task!

The device uses fuzzy logics system to cook rice, meaning that your dishes will be tasty and delicious, every time! Choose one of 13 different pre-set programs, depending on what you are cooking and simply relax while your meal gets prepared for you! You can set the timer to start cooking anytime in the following 24-hour period so it is easy to wake up to an already prepared breakfast!​

Advantages of the Hirbo 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker

  • Dynamic heating – This cooker is using the fuzzy logic, dynamic heating method, meaning that everything you put in it is cooked from all sides, evenly and uniformly. This feature helps you prepare delicious rice every single time!
  • Dishwasher-friendly – The inner pot is removable and dishwasher friendly, meaning that clean-up is a joke! Not that you will need to clean it all that much since the pot coated and rice does not stick to it!
  • Pre-set programs – There are 13 preset programs on the device, meaning that you only need to decide what to cook, pop it in and choose a setting! This is way more convenient than those on/off cookers that only cook rice!
  • Reheating – The reheating feature is great for warming up those leftovers from the previous meal! It will have it ready in no time and you can even use it to keep your food warm for longer periods of time!
Bottom Line

Hirbo 13-in-1 Asian-style Multifunctional Rice Cooker is a god sent for people who want more diversity from their rice cookers! It does wonders with meat, cakes, pasta and such, and still manages to cook rice to perfection. It uses fuzzy logic technology, and is one of the cheapest cookers with that premium feature! Order this affordable cooker right now, and start cooking rice the way it was always intended to be cooked, to perfection!

Induction Heating Rice Cookers

Induction Heating Rice Cookers

Induction heater rice cookers are the latest craze, and for a good reason we might add! This is the type we mention way back at the beginning, the cooker that will deliver perfect rice every time, and the one that makes it nearly impossible to cook a less than delicious batch!

It uses magnetic fields to generate heat inside the pot, cooking rice evenly from top to bottom, and from all sides as well. They come preprogrammed with a lot of different settings, so you can make brown, white, or even sushi rice with them, not to mention a lot of different stuff besides rice as well. Most induction cookers are made by Zojirushi but this is not set in stone as there are some very good cookers of this type made by other manufacturers.

Tiger JKT-S18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Induction Heating Rice Cooker Review

This rice cooker resembles more to a space ship than to a kitchen appliance, both in appearance and in function. You can do wonders with it and rice has never been cooked in a more studious way, and with more science applied to the process! This cooker is a high-end kitchen appliance, pricier than most and intended for people who cook a lot of rice on a weekly basis, and want that rice to be perfectly cooked every single time!

Other than being a rice cooker it also doubles as a baking pan and a slow cooker, as well as a Syncro-cooker! Its Syncro-cooker feature allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously! The cooking plate is specially designed in a manner that allows the food items to be prepared together without the flavor of one affecting the other!

Features of the Tiger JKT-S18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Induction Heating Rice Cooker​

The outer casing of the cooker is both practical and elegant! It is made from durable stainless steel for added longevity and ease of cleaning! The inner pot is made in 8 layers, 5 layers of ceramic and 3 layers of coating, so the rice doesn’t stick! All operations of the cooker or microchip operated, meaning that fine subtleties of this premium cooker really make a difference when it comes to preparation and flavor! Inner and outer lid are both detachable and washable. That combined with the nonstick coating ensures that the cleanup after the fact is a breeze!

The superior induction heating method utilizes magnets and magnetic fields to prepare your food. This means that the heat is distributed evenly in the pot and that all your rice, and other ingredients, will be perfectly cooked in no time!

Advantages of the Tiger JKT-S18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Induction Heating Rice Cooker

  • The quality of make – This cooker is made from high-quality, durable materials and it was made in Japan! This means that you can rest assured that you are getting a premium product that is a lifetime investment and will not die on you anytime soon!
  • Induction heating system – Revolutionary IH system cooks everything uniformly, conserving both energy and your time! Also, aromas are left untouched because the heat slowly builds up, allowing the rice cook throughout, without burning it.
  • Cooking plate included – This is one additional accessory you get with this purchase. It is similar to a steaming tray but works way better as it traps the flavors inside, cooking the food evenly, but not allowing it to mix with rice or anything else you have in the cooker!
  • Easily cleaned – Cleanup is easy with this cooker as both lids are detachable and dishwasher friendly! Also, the inner pot comes out and thanks to its non-stick coating it only requires a quick rinse and a wipe before it is completely clean!
Bottom Line

We will concede that this cooker costs a bit more than your conventional cookers, but if you consider the convenience and everything else you get with it, you will come to realize that it is actually a lifelong investment! Tiger JKT-S18U-K 10-Cup (Uncooked) Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer with Cooking Plate is one of those devices that will make you the talk of your circle of friends, and we guarantee that everyone will be stopping by to take a look, inviting themselves over for dinner in the process!​

Commercial Grade Rice Cookers

Commercial Grade Rice Cookers

These are those cookers intended for use in restaurants and diner (or very, very large families)! They usually cook more than 40 servings in one single batch and this is what makes them ideal for those businesses that need to put out a ton of rice fast, such as sushi take-out restaurants or similar.

They are usually programmable or on/off cookers and the only thing that sets them apart is the fact that they are very large and built to resist man-handling, so they use sturdier materials and are sure to last for a long period of time.

Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer Review

Aroma cookers are one of the best in the world, and this one here has been a top seller for a very long time! It can hold enough rice for more than 25 serving, so it might not be something that you will use every day, but it’s a great cooker to have for large family gatherings! Also, this one works great in a restaurant!

It makes excellent rice and you can also steam meat and vegetables since a steam basket comes with the packaging! You can set the timer 15 hours in advance so your food will be ready even if you are not standing right next to it! This is a great purchase for people who need to prepare large amounts of rice on an hour’s notice! Make sure to buy it if you find yourself cooking several pots of rice at the same time, and if you never seem to get the amount you need!

Features of the Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked)

The stainless steel exterior of this rice cooker makes it easy to clean and fits perfectly into every kitchen! Large, thick black inner pot holds 10 cups of uncooked rice and serves 25 people. Make sure to add the same amount of water. After that, the cooking basically takes care of itself!

After the meal is ready, simply remove the inner pot, and empty it. Thanks to the non-stick coating you will not have to scrape it, and since it is dishwasher friendly clean-up will be a breeze! You can steam, simmer, sauté and slow cook with this product so it is not limited to preparing rice and rice alone!​

Advantages of the Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked)

  • Easy to use – Large display and pre-programed settings make this cooker a breeze to use! Set it, activate the timer, and come back in a little while to find your rice cooked to perfection.
  • Large pot – Large volume is one of the greatest selling points of this cooker. It is an almost commercial grade, so while it can be used to prepare meals at home, it shows its true colors when used to cook for larger parties. Restaurants will find it especially useful.
  • Automatic warmer – This feature kicks on once your rice is done the cooking! It is a great way to keep it warm for longer periods of time, and gives you plenty of time to finish your other dishes without the rice getting cold!
  • Doubles as a steamer – This cooker also doubles as a vegetable and meat steamer. It comes with a steam tray so, at the same time that you are cooking your rice, you can prepare the rest of your meal! There is no more need to make a horrible mess in the kitchen!
Bottom Line

This commercial grade cooker is an affordable alternative to those pricey cookers in both quality and the way it treats and cooks rice. Everything you place in Aroma 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer will come out tasting delicious! Make sure to order one and give your kitchen a leg up!​

What to Look for In a Good Rice Cooker

Rice cookers differ by types, but it is important to keep an eye on a few things that will, in the end, determine, if your rice comes out perfectly, or just ok. These are all common sense things so we will keep it short, just a reminder what you should be paying attention to if you want to buy the top rice cooker that fits your preferences. Additionally, always look for a cooker that will fulfill at least a half of the thing that we will point out in the next few minutes. We are well aware that no one is perfect and that perfect rice cooker is in the eye of an owner, but there are something a good rice cooker must have. Luckily, we came across many different cookers and tasted more rice than we like to admit just to help you out with this one.

  • Quality inner pot – Make sure that the inner pot is thick and made of black metal, regardless of the type you end up buying. These pots cook rice quicker and better, making the texture more appealing and shortening the cooking time. Also, black pots retain heat better so they will keep your rice warmer for a longer period of time. Coated non-stick pots are also preferred since they are way easier to clean!
  • Keep warm/reheating feature – This is an absolute must, and luckily, some rice cookers come with this feature. This means that after your rice is done cooking the cooker will lower the heat, keeping the rice warm while you go about your business of finishing other dishes.
  • Detachable, washable parts – This is also something to keep an eye for. Make sure that you can take out the inner pot, and preferably the lid as well, so the cleanup is easier. Be on the lookout for cookers that have machine washable parts, as that will save you a lot of time, especially if you cook rice a lot.
  • Steaming trays – Steaming trays are a great accessory and getting a cooker that can fit a steaming tray inside is a great plus. They allow you to steam meat and vegetables at the same time you are cooking your rice, saving your time and keeping your kitchen cleaner!Steaming trays – Steaming trays are a great accessory and getting a cooker that can fit a steaming tray inside is a great plus. They allow you to steam meat and vegetables at the same time you are cooking your rice, saving your time and keeping your kitchen cleaner!
  • Decent size – While you can get a small cooker that cook but one cup of rice, we highly advise against that! Larger cookers will serve more people and come in handy if you are having friends or family over. Plus, no one said you have to cook 20 serving of rice just because it fits inside the cooker. Be conservative, and use a large cooker to cook as much rice as you want, even if that is just one cup.

10 Advantages of Using a Rice Cooker

Much as it is a humble appliance, a rice cooker is designed to do one job – simplify cooking. Using this specialty appliance to prepare some rice for your family is as simple as putting the rice along with the required amount of water and turning on the cooker button. Whether you are preparing jasmine rice, brown rice, white rice or basmati, once you upgrade to using a rice cooker you’ll never go back to using the stovetop method. Things get even better. Once you finish preparing your meal but you’re not ready to serve, the cooker will hold your dish at the right temperature until you’re ready. You don’t have to wait for rice to boil or keep watching the pan every few moments just to prevent it from burning. Sweet life. Indeed, there are many reasons why investing in a rice cooker is worth it – here are 10 rice cooker benefits to look out for.

It Brings Additional Convenience​

Rice cookers make cooking rice an exciting experience. Forget about having to peek inside a steaming pot and dealing with the starchy goo. This appliance only requires you to just combine rice and water and then put the power on and voila you’ll be served with perfect rice.

You Are Relieved of a Number of Worries​

Yet another benefit of rice cookers is that they offer versatile options ranging from cooking rice to soya chunks, steaming vegetables, making soups and even porridge. Buying a rice cooker relieves you of a number of worries, allowing you to take rest while your dish is getting cooked.

You Get Advanced Technology at Your Convenience​

Nowadays, rice cookers offer you the ability to control the texture of your rice and can even make different variations of rice e.g. sticky rice, dry rice, wet rice etc. Thanks to advanced technology which makes use of artificial intelligence, the cookers of today boast elements like fuzzy logic which works as per the human uncertainty. Fuzzy technology is the reason why time and again, rice cooker rice tastes a tad better than stove cooked one.

No More Worries About Cleaning the Pot​

Another reason behind rice cookers’ growing popularity is the fact that the appliances are pretty easy to clean. Inside each unit is a non-stick pan that can easily be wiped clean using some soap. Preparing rice in a pot is known to be such a tiring task because at the end of it all you have to scrub real hard to get it cleaned. Fortunately with a rice cooker, you don’t really have to worry about that anymore.

A Number of Pleasant Surprises Lined up for You​

There are always a few pleasant surprises with rice cookers. One area you can always expect your cooker to impress you on is functionality. A key functionality that catapults this appliance miles ahead of other conventional methods of rice preparation is the warmer feature. This allows you to determine when and how your rice needs to be warmed. It also gives you the ability to keep your rice warm even for hours after you’ve finished cooking it. You may also come across cookers with two separate functions purposely meant for white or brown rice.

There's Something for Everyone​

Whether you are a bachelor living alone in a tiny apartment or a large family that receives frequent guests, you can always find a rice cooker of the right size. You can find a unit that accommodates as few as two cups of rice to large ones that cook more than 20 cups of rice in one go. No more worrying about size issues. Because just like any other appliance in your home, the manufacturers of rice cookers understand the need for flexibility. You therefore only need to determine your individual demands so you can find just the right match for your size.

Can Simultaneously Steam Food​

The most convenient feature of the rice cooker is the ability to prepare some rice and steam food at the same time. This effectively helps you create nice all-in-one meals in minimal time. All advanced cookers come with a special steam tray where you can place your veggies or another other food item that you want steamed. Even if your rice cooker does not come with a steam tray, you can always purchase one separately.

Rice Cooker Saves Energy​

Modern rice cookers can turn out to be more energy efficient that other methods of cooking. For starters, some cookers use induction heat to cook the rice and by locking in steam, it means less electric energy is consumed. All you want to do is find a small, quiet, energy-efficient machine that meets stringent energy standards. Combine that with good practices like keeping the lid on while cooking, unplugging power when not in use and estimate correct water amounts and you are good to go.

You Can Start Cooking Your Dinner While Waiting in Traffic on Your Way Back Home​

Preparing your dinner can be super easy if you have a fully loaded machine at home. You simply need to make good use of the delay start function which allows you to set up the rice cooker ahead of time. Let’s say you wake up in the morning and as you prepare to leave for work, you simply program your machine to begin cooking in the evening so you can arrive to find a pot full of steaming rice waiting for you. Other methods of cooking don’t come with the delay start functionality which means you are constricted to only preparing rice when you really need it.

Can Help You Save on Time

In reality, not all rice cookers are faster than the ordinary stovetop cooking style, but there are models that have the ability to cook faster. These mainly use pressure cooking technology. At the very least you want a rice cooker that prepares well-cooked rice in reasonable time. If you run a busy schedule and you can do with a few minutes saved out of the cooking process, then it would be a good idea to go for a unit that has a pressure cooker option.​