10 Essential Cookware to Stock for Indian Cooking

They say the best meals are made from the heart. But when it comes to Indian dishes, no doubt, you need more than just a heart to make an award winning meal. You need to invest in the right tools for the job. Here is a run-down of 10 essential cookware to stock for Indian Cooking.

Sharp Knife​

There is a lot of chopping of garlic, onions and vegetable involved in Indian cooking. For that reason, the most precious tool you can have in your kitchen is a sharp knife. A six-inch knife works great for routine cutting of onions, herbs and garlic. You can however pick an 8 or 10 inch one depending on your needs.

Indian Rolling Pin (Belan)

This rolling pin is much lighter and thinner than most other varieties (e.g. the American one). Besides its edges are tapered. Belan is an important asset especially if you are planning to prepare chapattis, roties and puris. It also comes in handy in rolling out finicky doughs.

Chopping Board

You can either go for a hardwood or plastic board (both work great). But if you are going to settle for a plastic one, make sure it is made of polypropylene. Polypropylene is nonporous and it prevents bacterial growth. A good sized chopping board is at least 12 x 18 inches.

Heavy Bottom Pot

You will need at least one of these to prepare a wonderful slow cooking stew, curry or soup. Another popular meal that requires you to have a heavy bottom pot around is Biryani – perfect for dinner parties.

Nonstick and/or Aluminum Pan​

A nonstick pan comes in handy for most basic kitchen tasks as it is easier to cleanup and allows one to stir less frequently. It’s a perfect bet for dishes that require longer cooking time. On the other hand, an aluminum pan comes in handy in browning of onions and garlic.

Food Processor

A food processor is just the right kind of cookware to have for Indian cooking. It does the work of an ordinary kitchen knife but in a better way and less time. It allows you to mince your green chilies and garlic in a matter of seconds so you can make wonderful curry sauce.

Mortar and Pestle

Although most of the work done by a mortar/pestle can still be done by a food processor, this age-old tool remains your best bet for creating better-flavored herbs and spices. This works particularly well if you wish to add coarse grinded aromatics to your food.​

Masala Dabba (Bowl)

Instead of rummaging bottles and containers of different ingredients, the best cookware to have around is a masala dabba. This typically houses several small bowls for decent presentation and easy scooping.

Chapati Griddle

Nothing beats the taste of chapattis and other flatbreads made from the Indian griddles. You can go for the curved version or simply go for a flat one if you’re using an electric cooker.

Pressure Cooker

Foods like rice, chili, beans, meat and lentils require you to have a good pressure cooker nearby. Most Indian meals climb to upwards of 5 dishes, and investing in a pressure cooker can significantly cut cooking time from hours to minutes.​

This is by no means an exhaustive list of essential Indian cookware. However, the 10 examples we have listed are by far the most useful choices you can settle for.

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