14 DO’s and DON’Ts to Pressure-Cook Your Food With Induction

Pressure cooking with induction is very much doable when certain guidelines are followed. In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of pressure cooking with induction.

  1. Don’t pre-heat a pressure cooker
    Doing so leads to burned food. It takes only a few seconds for a pressure cooker on induction to get hot. There is no need of prior heating.
  2. Do use the time setting
    The time setting feature facilitates setting of accurate pressure cooking time. This in turn enables a pressure cooker to automatically turn off upon exhaustion of cooking time.
  3. Do read the safety guidelines
    Safety matters when using a pressure cooker. Safety starts with reading all the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Take time to learn how to safely operate critical components-pressure regulator and the locking device. The locking device is of significance in facilitating pressure release.
  4. Don’t undermine the handles
    The handles provide adequate safety and comfort when lifting and moving a pressure cooker.
  5. Don’t build pressure on high heat
    This tampers with the cooking process leading to raw cooked food.
  6. Do read the pressure cooker manual
    Before making a final decision on the type of pressure cooker to buy, carefully read all the information on the pressure cooker manual. Reading the information is necessary to understand how the pressure cooker functions and the safety measures to observe.
  7. Do undertake a test drive
    This is vital to know how the pressure cooker operates and confirm it is in a proper working condition by checking the state of all its components.
  8. Do understand the dual settings(high and low pressure settings)
    Dual settings are evident in the modern versions of pressure cookers. Maneuvering form one setting to another requires accurate adjustments.
  9. Don’t forget to check the vent tube
    Confirm it is not blocked to support pressure release from the pressure cooker.
  10. Do ensure all the pressure has been released before removing the lid
    All the pressure inside the pressure cooker has to be released first before the lid is taken off. This facilitates safe handling of the pressure cooker.
  11. Don’t use outdate pressure cookers
    Use modern pressure cookers which have advanced features to experience a fulfilling cooking time. They also have many safety features making them a suitable choice.
  12. Do clean after pressure cooking on induction
    Cleaning is a must after a pressure cooker has been used. The detachable parts of the cooker should be washed separately and handled well to avoid damage.
  13. Don’t walk away after regulating the heat of the cooker
    Stick around even after regulation of the pressure to a lower level. This will help in monitoring any sudden pressure changes and re-adjusting to keep the pressure steady.
  14. Don’t ignore a physical analysis of the pressure cooker
    A physical analysis helps in detection of any existing faults in the pressure cooker.

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