5 Things to Know When Using a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers can easily revolutionize both your kitchen and eating habits. They are a great way to save time in the kitchen and cook tasty dishes. However, they can be quite intimidating. But once you have the basics down, using a pressure cooker is easy. So here are 5 things to know when using a pressure cooker.

Always Fill It With Water​

When using a pressure cooker make sure you fill it with water. This way, when the water boils it will produce steam. And since steam is hotter than boiling water, when it builds up in the pressure cooker it helps the food to cook faster. However, you need to be careful exactly what amount of liquid you fill your pressure cooker with. So read the manual to know the amount of water to use on your cooker.

Learn the Basics​

To use your pressure cooker the right way, make sure you are equipped with enough knowledge about it. Get to know the function of every part of your pressure cooker especially the regulator. The regulator controls and helps you monitor the pressure inside the cooker. It also has features like a sealing ring cover handle, air vent, sealing ring, cooking rack, overpressure plug and other helpful features depending on the type of cooker you use.

Always Check the Condition of the Cooker​

The best pressure cookers have been designed with many safety features. They are therefore more safer than they used to be. However, you need to keep them in good condition and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions on how to care and clean the cooker.

But it is advisable that anytime you want to use your pressure cooker, ensure you check thoroughly all its parts and most especially its surface. Check for dents or cracks because they could pose a lot of danger to your life when using the cooker. If there are cracks or dents, replace your unit immediately for your safety.

Put the Ingredients in the Unit​

After filling the pressure cooker with water, you can go ahead and put the food you want to prepare in the cooker. From vegetables to fruits, meat and poultry, you can basically cook just about anything you want. Then cover the cooker with its lid tightly having placed your favorite foods in the cooker for safety purposes.

Start Heating the Cooker​

Having covered your cooker tightly, then you can begin heating it on your stove. While heating the unit, it is recommended to start with high heat in order to accelerate the entire cooking process. This is important as it will help create enough steam more quickly.​

Pressure cookers are handy investments for any home. They are well designed for durability and you can get very tasty meals out of them. But you need to use the manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure you use it well because all pressure cookers are not the same. It is also advisable to keep it in the best condition by cleaning it after every use.

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