6 Ways Pressure Cooker Is Better Than Slow Cooker

6 Ways Pressure Cooker Is Better Than Slow Cooker

Both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker are significant cooking aids. These cooking devices have benefits that make each a convenient cooking appliance. A person is able to cook a wide variety of foods when using either of the two. Besides, both have witnessed technological refinement which has enhanced their cooking potential. Nonetheless, there are several variables that make a pressure cooker outdo a slow cooker. What are the specific variables that make a pressure cooker overpower a slow cooker? Let us discuss 6 reasons.

Less Time Is Used in Cooking

One factor that creates a distinction between a pressure cooker and a slow cooker is the time spent in cooking. A pressure cooker is a better preference because it is a very fast cooking device. A pressure cooker takes an hour or less to cook food. The steam produced in the cooker supplies heat that cooks food very fast. A pressure cooker is able to cook food three times faster than a slow cooker due to pressure build up. This is in contrast to a slow cooker that takes almost an entire day to cook.

Prior Planning Is Unnecessary​

Pressure cookers save users the stress of having to plan ahead before cooking. They are therefore convenient for cooking at any time of the day. If you arrive at home late, you have confidence you will enjoy a hearty meal within minutes.

Pressure Cooked Food Has High Nutritional Content​

Foods exposed to long hours of cooking contain less nutrients. The nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process. Pressure cooking pledges retention of food nutrients. Food is cooked quickly with no room for erosion of nutrients. Pressure cooking also requires very little amount of liquid. This prevents loss of nutrients and the flavor of the food. This is almost impossible to achieve in a good slow cooker. A slow cooker gathers a lot of juices from food reducing their nutritional value. Overcooking is common in slow cookers which intimidates attainment of healthy food.

Pressure Cookers Are Used in Food Preservation​

Best pressure cookers are very versatile. They can cook different types of food recipes as well as preserve food. Some modern pressure cookers have been fashioned in a manner that allows canning of food which is stored for later use. The cookers are able to realize enormous amount of pressure that allows for both cooking and canning of food. The large sized versions of pressure cookers are often perceived as food canners.

The Flavor and Taste of Food Is Assured​

Pressure cooking makes use of the moisture content in the cooker to cook food. In most instances, no liquid is added to food. When liquid is added, the amount is largely insignificant safeguarding a pleasant flavor and color of food. On the other hand, slow cookers often dilute the flavor and taste due to the presence of excess liquid.

Less Energy Is Used​

Although slow cookers are considered to use little energy, a pressure cooker can save more energy. A pressure cooker takes a shorter period of time to cook than a slow cooker which translates to less energy consumption.​

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