About Us

We are sure you would all like to know a little bit more about us here at the Rice Chef, so we will oblige you. Now some will say that rice cookers are not the most important thing in the world, pick one and be done with it. While we do tend to agree that the fate of the world does not hinge on the type of rice cooker you choose, we will, however, say that every rice meal you make does! It is important to find a good rice cooker, the one that you will use, and keep on using for years to come. That is important for every product. So why rice cookers? We’ll tell you a story.

Who are we?​

We all started musing about rice cookers because of one thing and one thing alone; we are all huge sushi lover. One person in our team even owns a sushi restaurant. We deal with rice every day so you can appreciate how important this ingredient is to us. Since we cook rice on a daily basis, we wanted to make our lives easier, and buying rice cookers seemed like a perfectly reasonable decision. Little did we know about what makes a good rice cooker! Needless to say, none got it right so we ended up trashing them after a couple of uses. After years of trial and error attempts, we finally settled for a decent rice cooker each. There are four of us behind this page, everyone has a different cooker! What can we say? We cannot seem to agree on the best one!

But this is great for you as consumers, as there is always a very spirited debate going on whenever we are reviewing a product! Everybody gives it a go and then we sit to discuss. We want to make clear that we are not sponsored by any of the manufacturers, nor do we get any kind of compensation from them. We seriously have nothing to gain from giving more stars to one cooker than the other so you can rest assure that all our reviews are unbiased and sincere!

Other than testing the cookers ourselves we pour through thousands and thousands of customer reviews, looking for flaws and perceived flows the products. We want to make sure that our recommendations are reflective of what other users think about the cookers! Our recommendation is the guarantee of quality, and you can completely depend on it. If you are on the market for a rice cooker, take our reviews to heart, and trust that we have your best interests at heart. We are here to guide you in making a best purchasing decision for you and your family!

If you have any comments, advices, questions, or you simply want to say hello, drop us a line! Write to us at hello [at] ricechef [dot] com and we will take all your suggestion and kind words to heart! Take care and happy cooking!