Aroma Rice Cooker Reviews

Aroma Rice cooker

Aroma Housewares Company is still going strong, after many years in the business, and is one of the leading US manufacturers of various kitchen appliances. Water heaters, ice-cream makers, slow cookers; you name it and the chances are that Aroma has a great product that fits your needs perfectly. They are probably most famous for their series of exquisite Aroma rice cookers. The company felt the pulse of the nation long before any other US based company and decided to make things easier for us in the kitchen. From conventional and mini rice cookers to micom and digital rice cookers, Aroma certainly has something that will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

This San Diego company has made it their most important mission to give you back your time. The lifestyle we are all living is making us lose to much time on cooking, and the most unhealthy thing we do is skipping meals. Fortunately for us, the Aroma Housewares company made a clear statement about cooking. There is no more need to slave away in the kitchen, keeping a watchful eye over your rice as it slowly cooks. You can program your digital rice cooker to start at a preset time and finish just when the rice is cooked to perfection! Additionally, you can program it to finish cooking the moment you get home from work. So that nice and warm rice can be served immediately.

The Best Aroma Rice Cookers

Who Should Get an Aroma  Cooker?​

Are you a working mom of three struggling to have a healthy meal on your table every day? Do you spend your day at the office and arrive home tired and completely exhausted to even think about preparing a healthy dish? Or maybe you own a small restaurant owner or a chef who cooks large amounts of rice on a daily basis?

Whoever you are, Aroma is there to help you prepare your dishes fast and easy! The entire company philosophy revolves around enabling you to reclaim your time. For home use, Aroma digital rice cooker can cook up 8 cups of rice, which is enough for around 16 servings. Commercial cookers are geared toward small restaurants and sushi places and can cook up to 20 cups of rice! You will get around 40 – 45 servings from just one go! Aroma makes some of the best rice cookers available on the market, especially if you need a commercial type digital rice cooker that can cook a lot in a single go!The great part is that your rice is cooked to perfection each and every single time. Moreover, you will have it fresh and warm for every meal with the simple to understand programming. No sticking, no clumping, and definitely no wasted food!

The great part is that your rice is cooked to perfection each and every single time. No sticking, no clumping, and definitely no wasted food!

Why Choose an rice cookers made by Aroma?​

Aroma cookers have a lot going for them, other than being produced by a company with years of experience in the business and a keen sense of what the customers want. The company prides itself on making quality appliances that are in compliance with every known standard. They are safe, durable, and affordable, so make sure to check out what they have to offer!​

  • Quality, durable cookers – made from quality materials, and compliant with all regulations and industry standards. The company is very selective when it comes to materials they use in the manufacture, especially as that materials come into contact with food. Safety is their number one priority, and that is the reason why all units are checked and double checked before they leave the factory floor.
  • Versatile – These cookers do much more than just cook rice. Most of Aroma digital rice cookers come with steamers in the package. You can use these to steam and cook vegetables at the same time you’re cooking your rice! Not only that, if you do not care for rice on a particular day, you can cook various meats using this steam. It will come up tender and perfect every single time you use it.
  • Affordable – because the company takes special care to keep the costs low, while not compromising quality. Of course, there are cookers that are a bit pricier, but a good, quality Aroma cooker can be bought for as little as $ 30, and will last up to 10 years!
  • Made in the US – Not to be little China or any other company, but the fact remains that the US has very stringent rules and regulations when it comes to kitchen appliances. Since all Aroma products are made in the US, you can rest assured that they comply with those regulations. All the materials are toxin-free and pass with flying colors, which is unfortunately not something we can say about a fair bit of products that are manufactured abroad, especially in China.
  • Aroma is a green company – Aroma is one of the first kitchenware companies that has decided to go green using various manufacture and packaging tactics. The company is completely dedicated to eliminating wasteful practices and helping our planet regain its former glory. The appliances that they produce take into account energy consumptions and developers are working hard on creating products that use minimum power and help preserve energy. Also, all Aroma products are packaged and shipped in recycled cardboard, and polystyrene foam and plastic bags that usually grace the inside of boxes are replaced with molded pulp, a sustainable and effective substitute.