Rice cooker for brown rice

Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

Even though many of us don't prefer brown rice, there are so many reasons why not to avoid it. One of those indicators is the fact that white rice essentially was brown rice at some point of production. But due to the washing process, all that "brown" was washed away with all other minerals that our body needs.

On the other hand, it's hard to pick brown rice over white rice because, the white one tastes better. But, to be honest, the rice and all other food, in general, will taste good if it's cooked in the right way. So, would you eat brown rice if it tastes as good as white rice or even better? I assure you that I would!

How to prepare brown rice?

The trait that makes the best brown rice cooker is obviously the option to cook brown rice perfectly. Period! But, how will you know which one can do that? Can you even tell that brown rice is cooked perfectly? Here is a little tip; let it steam after you boil it for a few minutes, 10 would be the best. It will have the same texture as white rice, but you'll give your body all the necessary nutrients.

All this needs to be done when you cook brown rice on your own, but with the help of Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer you won't have to think about anything. Your brown rice will be done and the texture will be exemplary.​

  • Versatile cooker – Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT is definitely one of the best brown rice cookers on the market. It's small and compact and provides you with 3 whole cups of perfectly cooked fluffy rice. But, don't think it can cook only rice, this cooker is able to cook many different types of grains. After all said, Zojirushi is really versatile and a great kitchen investment. This cooker has usual traits that come with Zojirushi brand, detachable lid, nicely placed LCD screen, but the special thing about this cooker is that it has so-called Keep Warm cycle. What it does is that it keeps your rice nice and warm for you until you are ready to serve it. Of course, this cooker has the temperature and the time regulator which will allow you to adjust cooking time just right, which allows you to prepare the rest of the meal and have it on the plate at the same time.
  • Compact design – This cooker is really small and lightweight. It will fit easily in any kitchen and it doesn't take too much space. You can have it near you, but it won’t get in your way if you are not using it at the moment. But, if you need to, you can easily move it around due to its dimensions. It's really durable thanks to stainless steel exterior, which also makes it really easy to be kept clean.

Bottom line

The overall thoughts about this cooker are more than great. The bowl in which the rice is cooking doesn't stick, which means rice can't be burnt and the cleanup is really easy. This is definitely a must-have kitchen appliance with a great, affordable price. Many customers are satisfied with this product, and so will be you.​