Small Rice Cooker

Best Small Rice Cooker

When talking about size of the rice cooker and the amount of rice that can be cooked in it, people’s preferences usually come down to their needs. Each and every type of rice cooker will find its targeted audience.

​Here, we'll mostly focus on the needs for the fast and easy, rice cooking, but in smaller amounts than usual.

These cookers are mainly for people who are always on the go and don't have too much time to spend in the kitchen and usually, those types of people more often than not, have no time to prepare a proper meal.

In these cases, small rice cookers are at their prime. The reason for that is; you are able to cook the a smaller amount of rice without the worry of making too much which will be thrown away later in the day. Unfortunately, bigger, or should we call them, normal size cookers can't cook small amounts of rice.

One of the best small rice cookers on the market is definitely Zojirushi NS-ZCC10. This amazing little cooker can make one portion (half the cup of uncooked) of rice. This is definitely something bigger cookers can't do, due to the major energy consumption that goes unused.​

  • Versatile – Even though this cooker is mainly for a smaller amount of rice, don't hesitate to put a bit more if you need to. In case you are planning to have a bigger gathering and you expect several guests, you can even put 5 whole cups of rice and cook it all at once. Additionally, since this cooker is categorized as fuzzy rice cooker, it's really easy to program depending on the situation. If you have to do or cook something, you can easily leave the cooking of rice to the cooker. Also, this cooker will give you the option to cook any type of rice, whether it is white rice (regular/sushi, softer or harder), semi-brown and brown rice. Another great thing is that you can even cook porridge.
  • Fully programmable – As we mentioned before, this is a fuzzy rice cooker and, therefore, you have many handy programs at your disposal. Depending on you preferences, you can set a different melody or a beep indicator, and you can also adjust keep warm, extended keep warm or reheat cycles depending on the situation. Additionally, there is a delay option which comes can be really useful for anyone on the go.
  • Safe product – One of the best things about this cooker is that it's safe to use. It has a retractable power cord, a specially placed handle for easier carrying and transport, and an extra lid that's inside just in case.

Bottom line

If you need a good and dependable rice cooker, then this one will be your number one pick. It's great for you if you are constantly on the go, but it will also serve you well if you need larger amounts of perfectly cooked rice. The best thing about this cooker is the fact that you can leave it and don't need to worry because you know it will do the job right. Although the price can fend some people off, this cooker is definitely worth it.​