What Should I Get – Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker?

Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker

When shopping for cookers, most people often get to a confusing point where they do not know whether to pick a pressure cooker, a slow cooker or a rice cooker. Slow cookers and rice cookers in particular present a major confusion even though there are fundamental differences that are crystal clear. Are rice cookers and slow cookers the same? This is the common question most will ask when faced with the decision of picking either. It is important to know what each can achieve before spending money. More importantly, you should note that slow cookers and rice cookers cannot be compared in a rival manner as they are designed to cook differently and there one is not necessarily better than the other. Here is a brief description of both that will help you identify the differences between these two kitchen cookers.

What Can You Achieve With a Slow Cooker?​

A slow cooker, like the name suggests, is designed to bring your food to the correct temperature over a longer time. It use slow even heat and often come with programmable settings to preset the heat temperature and cooking time. You can have your meal ready in 4 to 8 hours and there is an additional warming setting that is automatically activated once the food is cooked. This ensures your meal is warm by the time you get back home. Slow cookers are therefore ideal for one-pot meals like chili, pot roast, braised meat, soups and stews. You will also find them quite convenient if you want your meal prepared while you are away at work or taking care of other errands, or if you simply want to nap. Avoid slow cookers if you get overly anxious about leaving an appliance on while you are away.

What Can You Achieve With a Rice Cooker?​

Rice cookers are perfect for quickly preparing rice but can also be used for other grains, steaming fish and vegetables. You can also use them to prepare your Ratatouille, melt your cheese and oils and warm up your milk. Unlike slow cookers, rice cookers are designed to bring your meals to boil within a short time by providing medium to high heat. This means you cannot leave a rice cooker to prepare meals over several hours like you do with slow cookers. However, it does not mean slow cookers are better than rice cookers either. You can work with both for different meal preparation needs. You can find some rice cookers that are also programmable allowing you to set the temperature and time after which the cooker is turned off.​

From the above descriptions, you can see that both slow cookers and rice cookers are important in your kitchen. One achieves what the other cannot and they can be used to support each other. For instance, you can use your slow cooker to prepare veggie chili to be used with your stir-fry rice. Slow cookers can also be used to help you achieve slow simmer once the rice has be brought to boil in a rice cooker. These cookers complement each other and they are not in any way similar.

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