Learn the Pressure Cooker Basics

Many people are excited when they acquire a pressure cooker. They think of the countless times they will spend in the kitchen making dishes of their choice. What comes to the minds of individuals and aspiring chefs is that pressure cooking is all about thinking of the recipe to cook and putting the ingredients in a pressure cooking pot. But there is more to pressure cooking than just a recipe and preparing the ingredients. A person must be well aware of the basics of using the best pressure cooker.

The Functioning Principle of a Pressure Cooker​

A pressure cooker represents a sealed pot. The functioning ability of a pressure cooker is very simple. It facilitates cooking using steam pressure. When the pressure is turned on, the liquid inside the cooking pot produces steam. A lid is used to lock the pressure cooker thus steam does not escape from the inside. The steam enhances high pressure buildup which enables a speedy cooking process.

Achieving Perfect Pressure Cooking​

Pressure cooking can be quite tricky. It requires a lot of learning about how to use a pressure cooker. It is necessary to make use of multiple pressure cooking chart to understand how different types of food cook. The key thing is to understand several issues such as:​

  • How long the pressure cooker takes to build pressure.
  • Addition of the right amount of liquid for different recipes.
  • The cooking time for different recipes.
  • How to release pressure once the food has sufficiently cooked.

The Types of Food That Can Be Cooked in a Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker guarantees cooking diverse foods. If your favorite meal is rice, you can pressure cook it within no time. It also has steaming option to enable steaming of vegetables. When it comes to meat dishes, you do not have to worry about cooking tough cuts of meat. A pressure cooker is able to tenderize the meat. Cereals such as beans and chickpeas that take a long period of time to cook can be pressure cooked in less than an hour. Pressure cooking a potato salad is also possible. In general, you can cook almost every type of food with a pressure cooker.

Adding Liquid When Pressure Cooking​

Water is the most common liquid that is used when pressure cooking. Apart from water, other liquids that can be used include wine, vegetable and fruit juices.

Integrating Quick Pressure Release

​A quick pressure release is one of the techniques used to release pressure that is inside a pressure cooker when cooking is complete. It involves a forward pull of the handle of the pressure limit valve after which pressure starts being released.

In conclusion, a pressure cooker is a great cooking device because of its cooking speed. You can prepare a meal even late into the night and still enjoy after a few minutes. It also utilizes less energy when compared to other cooking appliances-an oven.

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