Mushroom-Packed Risottos Quickly Made Through Pressure Cookers

Mushroom-Packed Risottos Quickly Made Through Pressure Cookers

Risotto is a dish prepared using rice-arborio and broth in which it is cooked. People shy away from making risottos because they involve a complex preparation procedure. Risottos are known to take hours of preparation which discourages most people from cooking them. But this is not enough reason for not making risottos. With the right cooking device, risottos can be prepared efficiently. Pressure cookers are applicable for preparing mushroom packed risottos. A pressure cooker prepares the risottos in less than half an hour. A simple risotto recipe barely takes more than 10 minutes to prepare. With a good pressure cooker, you do not have to spend endless hours in the kitchen preparing risottos. Cooking work becomes simple. Furnish the pressure cooker with the right ingredients and watch as the cooker performs its magic. Within no time, you will be treated to a delicious meal of risotto.

The ingredients used improve the taste of risottos. There are various ingredients that are used to make mushroom risotto. Key ingredients that are commonly used are:​

  • Dried porcine mushrooms-1 ounce
  • Mixed mushrooms-1/2 pounds
  • Extra-virgin olive oil-4 tablespoons
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • A medium sized and well chopped onion
  • 2 Finely minced cloves garlic
  • Chicken broth-4 cups
  • Soy sauce-two teaspoons
  • Dry white wine-3/4
  • Heavy cream-1/4 cup
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Fresh herbs-parsley

Cooking Procedure for Risottos

  • Heat the pressure cooking and add olive oil to the cooking pot.
  • Put mushrooms and the risotto rice while continuously stirring until the ingredients are covered with oil. Add salt and pepper to season.
  • Put onion and garlic. Stir these ingredients frequently and only stop when the onions become translucent. Ensure the onions do not turn brown.
  • Add rice while stirring to ensure it is covered with oil in a uniform manner. Addition of a little soy sauce gives the mushrooms a rich taste.
  • Add a little amount of dry white wine while stirring the mixture. Allow cooking for a few minutes. This is to eliminate the raw smell of alcohol. Wine improves the flavor of the risotto.
  • Put the chicken broth.
  • Mount the locking lid of the pressure cooker and allow 7 minutes of cooking.
  • Disconnect the source of heat and use cold water pressure release method to release pressure.
  • Remove the rid and stir to mix the rice and the cooking liquid to form a creamy uniformity.
  • Garnish the risotto to further improve its flavor after pressure is released from the cooker. Garnishing is done depending on what a person favors. Garnish can be done using herbs, cream and parmesan cheese.

In conclusion, a mushroom packed risotto is a great meal to prepare for your family or when hosting guests. A pressure cooker is the ideal cooking equipment for preparing a tasty and cream risotto. It is very reliable and cooks the risotto very fast. You do not have to worry about delays. 30 minutes is all you need to prepare and cook the risotto. Next time you think of pressure cooking, think risotto. You will love very bit of it.

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