Pressure Canning Guide and the FAQ

Since long ago, the need to preserve food has been constant. Pressure canning is one methods used to prevent food spoilage after it has been cooked. It is used to preserve food to ensure it is fresh and safe for consumption. Low acid foods-vegetables, poultry and meat- are preserved best by using pressure canning method. This method retains the nutrients in these food as well as the quality. In this article, we share information about the common questions concerning pressure canning.

Why Is It Important to Exclusively Use a Pressure Canner for Certain Foods?​

Low acid foods can only be well preserved using pressure canners. This is because the best pressure canners make use of pressurized steam to kill enzymes, bacteria and yeasts that lead to spoilage of food. Hence the use of pressurized steam makes pressure canning a very safe method of preserving certain foods like low acid foods.

What Is the Essence of Exhausting a Pressure Canner?​

It is necessary to exhaust a pressure canner to enable steam to escape before a pressure regulator is mounted on the vent pipe. This is done to ensure total exhaustion of air both from the pressure canner and the jars. It is supposed to take not less than 10 minutes. The key reason why this is important is to ensure the inside temperature matches the gauge’s pressure.

Why Does Liquid Loss Occur During Processing?​

At times liquid is lost mainly due to changing pressure in a pressure canner. This happens due to tightly packaging food in jars. Liquid loss can also be attributed to an abrupt lowering of pressure. To prevent liquid loss during processing, ensure the pressure drops up to zero in a natural way. Further, open the lid of the pressure canner after 5 minutes.

Is a Pressure Canner With a Weighted Control More Accurate Than That With a Dial?​

A pressure canner with a weighted control is regarded as very accurate. Nonetheless, both types of pressure canners can achieve accurate results if they are used based on the guidelines given by the manufacturer. The pressure canner with a dial control ought to be assessed often to enhance its accuracy. The weighted control pressure canner ought to be cleaned often to achieve accuracy.

Why Is the Issue of Jars Breaking During Processing Common?​

This problem manifests due to a number of reasons:​

  • A steam leakage in the pressure canner which makes it dry in the event of processing.
  • Failure to use glass home canning jars which are normally the most recommended.
  • Using cracked jars.
  • Overly tightening the lids.

What Are Some of the Factors That Contribute to Improperly Sealed Jars?

  • Overfilling the jars with food.
  • Pressure fluctuations during the processing period.
  • Rapid air exhaustion from the pressure canner.
  • Incorrect adjustment of lids as a result of failure to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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