How to Properly Clean Your Slow Cooker

How to Properly Clean Your Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a valuable cooking asset. Whenever we want to embark on cooking meals, it does not let us down. It accomplishes the cooking task as we expect. Cooking meals leaves a slow cooker stained and dirty. After using a slow cooker to prepare meals, it is important to remember to clean it well. This article will discuss strategies that facilitate cleaning a slow cooker properly.

What are the cleaning accessories needed to clean a slow cooker?​

  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • A scrubbing brush
  • A piece of cotton cloth

Each of these cleaning accessories serve various roles which will be explained further when looking at the cleaning process.

Unplug the Cord

This is the foremost step in cleaning a slow cooker. The cord has to be unplugged so that cleaning can start.

Put Soapy Water Into the Slow Cooker​

As soon as water has been supplied to the slow cooker, it should be turned on to remove any stains and dirty present. The heat should be kept a low temperature. The reason for doing this is to completely remove all the food remnants that are situated on the surface of the slow cooker. Cleaning a cooker using this technique is commonly known as a low heat soak. A low heat soak has to be done for a number of hours for deep cleaning to take place.​

Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Stubborn Stains and Dirt​

Baking soda is used in cleaning the slow cooker if it is really dirty and stained. This is meant to increase to the efficiency of a low heat soak. First, soapy water should be put into the slow cooker and a little baking soda added to the water. A low heat soak is then induced. When the low heat soak is done satisfactorily, the water should be eliminated. A little baking soda should be added and a soft cleaning pad used to wipe the slow cooker. This strategy is used to wholly get rid of any stubborn stains and dirt that is still stuck on the slow cooker.​

Use Vinegar to Eliminate White Film​

A white film results from mineral deposits. This is common in slow cookers that have dark stoneware. To clean the white film, white vinegar is a suitable cleaning accessory. The insert of the slow cooker needs to be filled with water and a cup of white vinegar added. The mixture should be left for several hours or for a day for it to be effective.

Clean the Exterior Parts​

A damp piece of cotton cloth helps to clean the exterior parts of a slow cooker. The exterior parts have to be devoid of stains too. Baking soda and soapy water should be used to remove the stains.

Clean the Bottom of the Slow Cooker​

The bottom is cleaned by using a scrubbing brush to remove dirt.

Clean Detachable Parts Separately​

These are: the lid, knobs and handles. Warm and soapy water is all that is needed to clean them.​

As explained above, cleaning a slow cooker is achievable. To make the best out of cleaning your slow cooker, practice the strategies shared here.

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