Why Rice Cooker Is Not Working?

Why Rice Cooker Is Not Working

Rice cookers have become one of the most common and preferred kitchen appliances. They not only ensure efficient and delicious cooking, but also save a lot of kitchen time. While most of us are undoubtedly very happy with the amazing cookers that we own, there are times when it stops working and you could almost feel yourself freaking about it. Well, before you jump into conclusions, let’s tell you about few major reasons as to why your rice cooker might have stopped working.

Internal Circuit Trouble​

Many times electronic appliances do not work if there is any loose wire or some kind of internal circuit issue. Similarly, in the case of a rice cooker, faulty circuits or loose internal connections could make the appliance to stop operating properly. During such circumstances, you can simply open the rice cooker from the bottom with the help of a screw driver and check for any kind of loose wire or broken connections. While small issues can be handled by easily fixing or replacing them, bigger faulty connections might require the attention of an electrician.

Thermal Cutoff Problem​

The thermal cutoff is the most common problem that people usually face in their rice cooker. So, if your cooker is not working, it might be a good thing to have a look at the thermal fuse. For this, open the bottom of the cooker and check for the thermal cutoff. This usually happens if the temperature crosses the threshold level and there is overheating. In such cases, the thermal fuse goes off resulting in a cutoff to avoid fire or any kind of serious damage. If you are not confident about checking it out yourself, it is advisable that you get a professional to have a look at it and fix it.

Power Cord Issue​

Generally, we look for an internal circuit or thermal fuse complication but, there are times when a damaged power cord prevents proper connection and power to the rice cooker. Be careful while inspecting the cord and ensure that the main power switch is off. Have a good look at the power cord, if there are cuts or frays on it then it might stop the device from getting powered on and working. Replacing the power cord in most cases does the trick.

Older or Cheaper Model​

There are instances when a rice cooker simply stops working because it is an older model and has surpassed its life span and usage. Apart from this, if it’s a cheaper one then because of low quality the cooker can create many troubles and eventually stops working. In both the circumstances there is very less that you can do. Either you can replace some of its parts or you can buy a good quality rice cooker. Going for the latter would ensure less or almost no trouble in future and will spare you from further expenses.

Not Reading the Instructions Carefully​

Using a rice cooker might not exactly as easy you think. Different models have different set of operating instructions; hence, it is advisable that you check them once before getting started. Maybe your cooker is not working because your overlooked some operation instructions or doing it in a wrong way. Read carefully through the manual and follow the guide lines properly to get the rice cooker started and working.​

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