Is It Safe to Store Food in Pressure Cooker?

Is It Safe to Store Food in Pressure Cooker?

Efficient cooking does not end when food preparation and cooking is finalized. Proper food storage is critical. Pressure cookers enable cooking food in large quantities. The food has to be properly stored to preserve its quality and nutrients for as long as possible. Various modern pressure cookers have been designed to facilitate food storage and preservation. In using them to store food it is important to understand the importance of practicing quality food storage techniques when freezing food.

Use Freezer Bags​

Proper food storage depends on the wrappings used. Freezer bags should not be mistaken for storage bags. Freezer bags are thicker than storage bags thus store and retain food freshness. They are very applicable when storing portions of food in a freezer. Put food in freezer bags to make it airtight when freezing it. Excess air in the freezer bags has to be drawn out. This reduces freezer burn. Freezer burn occurs when the food in the freezer oxidizes. The door of the freezer should remain closed to prevent freezer burn too. Freezer burn does not cause immense damage to food. However, it 'kills’ the taste and flavor of food making it less enjoyable.

Freeze Food in Small Portions​

Food is better stored in small portions rather than large portions. When putting food in freezer bags, consider the number of people that will consume the food. If you stay alone, pack small food portions that are enough for every meal time. This is to avoid having to defreeze the food again. It is possible to defreeze the food but if the right procedure is not followed during defrosting, the quality of the food cannot be guaranteed.

Freezing Meat​

It is possible to freeze cooked or raw meat. To properly freeze cooked meat, a plastic wrapping ought to be used to keep it airtight. Canned meat is unsuitable for freezer storage because the can seals are prone to damage.

Preservation of Nutrients​

Food is consumed to enrich the body with essential nutrients which boost body functions. Proper food storage techniques enhance preservation of food nutrients. Freezing is one of the food storage technique that guarantees this. The nutritional content of the food is retained during the entire freezing time.

Freezing Time​

As long as food is well wrapped, freezing can be done for a long period of time. The quality of the food is barely compromised if it is at the recommended temperature. However, some freezers do not maintain a constant temperature. Thus the frozen food slowly starts to lose its flavor and nutrients. If possible, the food should be consumed within a period of two months or utmost three months when the quality of food is still assured.

Hot or Cold Food?​

This is a question that lingers on the minds of many people when freezing food. Freezing works best when cold food is stored. Freezing food when it is still hot leads to food poisoning. Hot food triggers a temperature surge in the freezer and leads to defrosting of already freezed food.​

Finally, as you pressure cook your food, you definitely know what to expect when storing the food. As discussed, freezing food leads to successful food storage.

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