How a Slow Cooker Makes Cooking Simple and Inexpensive

How a Slow Cooker Makes Cooking Simple and Inexpensive

Since its invention over many decades ago, a slow cooker has not frustrated individuals when cooking. As a matter of fact, using a nice slow cooker continues to be exceedingly rewarding. Individuals who need to juggle multiple tasks can still afford to spare time to cook with the convenience of a slow cooker. An individual with a busy schedule can prepare meals in the morning hours, set the slow cooker to cook for the better part of the day and find a ready meal in the evening. But many people do not fully understand the many wonders of a slow cooker. This article seeks to enlighten individuals about the appealing nature of a slow cooker. Of essence is a slow cooker’s potential to simplify and make cooking very economical as highlighted below.

Inclusive Preparation of Ingredients

Preparing ingredients to put in a slow cooker is a one-time process. The only preparation tasks are cutting if the meal involves vegetables and beef. The ingredients are put all at once in the slow cooker reducing the procedure for preparing them.

Put the Ingredients Into the Slow Cooker​

This is the most crucial part before cooking can commence. When cooking various ingredients, what is put first or last matters. Vegetables take more time to cook than meat products. They should be placed first in the cooking pot. Meat should follow after the vegetables. Frozen meat should never be put in slow cooker. It will be undercooked. Defrosting the frozen meat must first be done. If it is necessary to add sauce or soup, any of these components should be added on top of the meat. Liquids are not very suitable in a slow cooker because they do not completely boil away. The amount added should be very little to preserve food flavor. Adding of pasta ingredients is convenient when cooking is about to end. Putting pasta ingredients at the end of the cooking procedure prevents them from becoming mushy.

A Lid Is Necessary for Full Cooking​

A simple rule to observe in using a slow cooker is putting the lid. It is as essential as the slow cooker itself. Placing a lid on the slow cooker must be done to enable a slow cooker to fully cook meals. The lid is necessary to stabilize and quicken the process of cooking. The lid should not be removed because cooking time will be wasted. Every instance the lid is removed leads to loss of around 20 minutes of cooking time.

Convenience in Cooking​

One of the amazing facts about a slow cooker is the simplicity manifested during cooking. This is the best part of using a slow cooker. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the cooking pot and the slow cooker takes over the cooking. You can leave it unattended without fear that the food will not cook properly. The food does not burn or cook too much. A slow cooker is the only cooking appliance that extends to a person maximum time to pursue other personal interests. You can run a wide array of errands while cooking is ongoing. A working woman can get time to relax after a long day at the office because little time is spent in the kitchen. Taking a nap is not a problem while cooking with a slow cooker. It is also possible to go to the market and get groceries and other supplies. In short, there is so much that can be done if you depend on a slow cooker to cook.

An Economical Method of Cooking

A slow cooker saves money in a number of ways. It is economical because it consumes little amount of electricity to cook meals. Cheaper cuts of meat can be used reducing the cost of buying meat. The low temperature settings and the prolonged cooking enhances meat tenderness. Most of the ingredients used to prepare slow cookers’ recipes are very economical to acquire. These ingredients include: rice, soups and stews. Besides, meals can be cooked in bulk and refrigerated to be eaten for several days which cuts down on eating expenses.​

Reduces Chances of Eating Out​

A slow cooker restricts your chances of eating out. It enables an individual to cook plenty of food in one day. The food can be stored for later use. The food also has more nutrients compared to food ordered from food cafes.

Counter Space Is All You Need​

A slow cooker’s requirements are very minimal with the most essential one being counter space. The counter space boosts the stability of the slow cooker making it safe to use. The safety of other kitchen surfaces and equipment ought to be considered to ensure they are shielded from damage.​

Cleaning Is a Non-Issue​

Each stage of using a slow cooker keeps getting better and better. Even cleaning gets better. Majority of individuals hate the idea of having to wash utensils and a couple cooking pots after cooking. A slower cookers largely lessens the process of cleaning. Very few utensils-a chopping board and cutting equipment are used when cooking with a slower cooker. In addition, cleaning a slow cooker is very easy. The modern designs have greatly been modified which makes cleaning them a time saving task. Most slow cookers now have a removable cooking pan which can be washed without having to wash the entire slow cooker. The cleaning ingredients required are also very affordable. A dish washing detergent and water are the main ingredients necessary to clean a slow cooker. Another alternative method of cleaning is smearing oil on the interior part of the stoneware to effortless remove dirt.​

Finally, whether you are a professional cook or not, a slow cooker does not discriminate. It can be used by all individuals to prepare their favorite meals. It is highly effective making cooking very simple. Its versatility aspect further contributes to its suitability. It can cook any type of meal- dried and fresh pasta, rice, vegetables, and meat while promising the same taste always. The food does not have to be eaten immediately since it is maintained at warm temperatures for long. Any time you use a slow cooker, you will get nothing short of contentment.

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