Slow Cookers Gaining Popularity Again: Facts and Reasons

Slow Cookers Gaining Popularity Again: Facts and Reasons

The invention of slow cookers is attributed to Irving Naxon. Naxon invented this incredible cooking appliance to solve cooking issues which were very common in the existing cooking devices back then. The driving force behind Naxon’s invention was due to insights drawn from Nachumsohn, his grandmother. The grandmother used to utilize the little heat left in an oven to cook a Jewish dish for the entire night in a local bakery. Over the years, slow cookers have witnessed tremendous evolution making them more and more convenient for cooking tasks. In this article, we share insights on facts and reasons that are giving slow cookers a 'voice’ in cooking endeavors.

Facts That Reinforce the Popularity of Slow Cookers​

After Naxon invented the slow cooker, it was widely sold in the early 1970s. This was after Naxon decided to sell his invention to Rival Manufacturing Company. This period witnessed a surge in the sale of the slow cooker because it was re-branded to Crock Pot. In fact, millions of crock pots were sold during this period. This went on for a period of five years. In 1972, approximately 80,000 crock pots were sold. In 1975, the sales were very promising and sales amounting to approximately 3.7 million were sold. But the surge in sales was shorted lived due to two factors: invention of other slow cooker models and the invention of the microwave.

The entry of other slow cooker manufactures in the market in 1975 worked to the disadvantage of the crock pot. It is estimated that about 40 companies were manufacturing their own versions of slow cookers. This led crock pot sales to greatly decreased and only about 1.3 units were realized.

The invention of the microwave oven around the early 1980s was also a contributing factor to the declining sales of the slow cooker.

However, the situation did not completely kill the popularity of slow cookers. To support this, let us consider information based on research and statistics.

In today’s world, slow cooking is a familiar mode of cooking in many homes. Slow cookers have positively shaped cooking tasks and are much preferred. Findings from a study undertaken by Betty Crocker Kitchens in 2002 showed that 80% of American homes had a slow cooker.

Based on statistics released by Consumer Reports in 2011, about 85% of homes were equipped with a slow cooker.

A 2016 report by BBC News Online showed positive views from individuals who have embrace slow cookers to cook their food. Majority of individuals felt that slow cookers are back in the kitchen because they are very convenient to use.

Reasons That Reinforce the Popularity of Slow Cookers​

Timely Cooking​

The period when slow cookers were invented was the same period that American women were laying a foundation in the working industry. The invention of the slow cooker was a big cooking asset to them because it enabled them to strike a balance work and home responsibilities such as cooking. The women were assured of performing their work related activities and still manage to prepare dinner for their families without much hassles. The same situation is evident even today.

Multi-Tasking Is Possible​

A slow cooker is very time saving allowing for execution of other tasks. A person only requires to prepare food, put it into the slow cooker and the cooking processes begins. While the best slow cooker is preparing food, a person can engage in other house chores and have enough time to rest before dinner time.

An Energy Conscious Cooking Mode​

Slow cookers performed cooking tasks while using only using little amount of energy. This has not changed even in the current era. The amount of electricity used by a slow cooker is very insignificant compared to that used by an oven. A slow cooker produces little heat when cooking. It diminishes the likelihood of a kitchen overheating unlike an oven.

Saves a Lot of Effort and Time​

A slow cooker is very attractive for dishes that entail simple recipes. Less effort is spent in preparing food. It is possible to just mix the all the ingredients in the slow cooker and the final meal will still be tasty and delicious.

Nutritious and Healthy Food​

When food is cooked under low temperature settings in a slow cooker, the nutrients in the food are retained. Oil is hardly necessary when using a slow cooker. The steam produced in a slow cooker provides enough moisture to cook the food. Frying dishes such as meat also requires little oil to cook. Unlike other cooking devices, a slow cooker retains oil in meat. It is therefore vital to cut down on the oil used to retain the healthy nature of the food.​

Cooking Time Can Be Adjusted​

One striking quality in a slow cooker is the cooking freedom a user gets. Users have the ability to dictate the time spent in cooking. A slow cooker has temperature settings that facilitate cooking at the desired time. When there is no urgency to prepare a meal, the temperature settings can be adjusted to low settings. When speed is required, high temperature settings guarantee cooking food within a shorter period of time.

Can Be Used in All Seasons​

Cooking appliances such as ovens lead to overheating in a home. This is very unconducive during summer season when the weather is very hot. The excess heat becomes very unbearable to put up with. A slow cooker is very convenient during such a hot season because it will only heat a little.

Cleaning Becomes Enjoyable​

Cooking using a slow cooker makes cleaning an easy and enjoyable activity. Apart from the few utensils used in preparing the ingredients, you only get to clean one cooking pot.​

In conclusion, slow cookers have stood the test of time. They dominated the earlier centuries and still dominate this modern century as suitable cooking devices. Their benefits are manifold. A slow cooker does not cost much to purchase, making it very economical to acquire. Besides, slow cookers have been modified to keep up to date with the modern technology. This has further enhanced their cooking power. If your ambition is to have a gratifying cooking experience, the best decision you can make is acquiring a quality slow cooker.

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