Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews

Tiger Corporation

Japan Tiger Corporation had similar beginnings to the Zojirushi Company. Both started in Osaka, manufacturing primarily vacuum bottles and even though Zojirushi had an early start, it was too long before the Japan Tiger Corporation was producing quality products that were intended to help people cope with day to day kitchen and cooking obligations. It was founded in 1923 and today their US affiliate, called Japan Tiger Corporation of USA is the main manufacturer of Tiger rice cookers.

The company really hit it big with rice cookers, mainly because they offer premier Japanese quality at a more affordable price point than their main competitor, Zojirushi. From a quality point of view, the difference between the two is negligible, but a Tiger rice cooker will cost anywhere in between $ 20 - $ 40 less than the same model from any other Japanese manufacturer. Even though these cookers are manufactured in America, the company adheres to strict standards of manufacture that make Japanese technology, and particularly kitchen appliances, the best in the world.

Quick Look:

Types of Tiger Cookers​

Tiger Corporation sells three distinct products when it comes to rice cooker technology. They keep it nice and simple, without any additional complications and/or unwanted options. Straight to the case is what makes these rice cookers most appealing to the customers. Moreover, even though all these types are different with the way they cook rice, the result will always be the same. Perfectly cooked rice, each and every time, without exceptions!

  • Conventional electric Tiger cookers are hassle-free cookers that are best for users who do not frequently cook rice, but want to be able to make it quickly, conveniently, and excellently every single time! They are simple to use, on-off type of appliances that will not give you a headache when it comes to pre-settings and timers. Even though we could call it the remnant of past times, it will serve its purpose to the end and give you perfectly cooked, fluffy rice that will melt you worries and hunger away.
  • Micom Tiger rice cooker is the smarty pants in the bunch. This type of cooker uses a microcomputer to make subtle calculations when preparing your rice. They first came up with the so-called fuzzy logics technology that enables the microcomputer to make slight changes during cooking that depend on internal and external factors, such as the rice used, relative humidity, and historical data and so on. Needless to say, the rice comes out perfectly cooked each and every time!
  • Induction heat Tiger rice cookers are special in a certain way. Tiger Corporation was the first in the industry to come out with an IH cooker that uses a ceramic inner pot. Other manufacturers use non-stick Teflon coated aluminum pots that can start releasing compounds into the food, and are not very popular with people who are careful about what they eat. Ceramic pots are perfectly safe, and in extension make the Tiger IH rice cooker perfectly safe and the food prepared in it perfectly healthy.

Tiger rice cookers are extremely easy to clean, even the ones that use ceramic inner pots. Simply rinse them out with cold or warm water and dry out after use. This is in part thanks to the fact that the rice gets perfectly cooked; it doesn’t clump and is, therefore, easy to take out of the pot. The majority of customers and rice cooker owners state that this is mandatory when looking for a convenient model that will be part of your kitchen.

Why Should You Consider Buying a rice cookers made by Tiger?​

With everything said, there is no doubt that Tiger cookers will find a special place in your kitchen and in your heart. As we stated before, they follow the strick rules and customs of traditional Japanese rice cooking methods, but won't take from you last penny to do so. Additinally, they take big pride in providing all thier customers with a little bit of extra than just plain, nicely cooked rice. They strive to perfection with everything they do and you will notice that every time you taste the rice that came out of their cooker. If you want to eat prefectly cooked, fluffy rice, then Tiger cookers should be your number one choice.

  • Japanese technology – When it comes to kitchenware and appliances, you can't go wrong with anything originating in Japan. The country is a technological giant, and Tiger Corporation has been in the business for quite some time. They develop cutting edge rice cooker technology, so if you are looking for the best, they are definitely the ones to turn to.
  • Versatility – Rice cookers can be used to cook more than rice, particularly these made by the Tiger Corporation. Thanks to the great heating system they use you can confidently prepare rice, veggies, and meat in them, and be completely certain that everything will come out cooked to perfection!
  • Affordability – If you are looking for a great rice cooker, but are unwilling to dish out unreasonable amounts of money for it, chances are you will be able to find what you are looking for right here with Tiger Corporation. All their cookers are high-quality products, yet they managed to keep the price relatively low, winning over a large portion of the market in the process!