Tips to Prepare Best Food in Pressure Cooker

Tips to Prepare Best Food in Pressure Cooker

Who does not crave to cook food that is sweet enough to whet his or her appetite? We all love to eat food that is enjoyable. A pressure cooker if well utilized prepares excellent food. What makes it even more likeable is the fact that it is offers an inexpensive method of cooking. It is a very economical method of cooking food rich in nutrients. This article shares tips that support a wonderful pressure cooking task.

Brown Meat and Vegetables

Before cooking under pressure, browning meat and vegetables is necessary to boost their flavor. Browning involves adding little oil to a pot, adding the ingredients little by little while ensuring they brown on every side. The ingredients are then set aside and the pot is deglazed using water to remove sticky remnants. The browned food is put back in the pot for pressure cooking to start.

Cut Pieces of Food Evenly​

Evenly cut pieces of food enhance even cooking and flavor. Anytime food is being prepared, cutting should be done evenly to enable a pressure cooker to cook all the food using similar duration of time.

Use Only Enough Liquid​

Foods cooked in a good pressure cooker have enough moisture because the rate of evaporation is low. The amount of liquid added should not exceed one cup. Meat dishes hardly need extra liquid since they release juices which enrich pressure cooking.​

Add Fresh Herbs to the Food​

Herbs provide food with a sweet aroma which creates a rich flavor. The herbs can be added to the ingredients before placing the lid of the pressure cooker.

Halfway Fill the Pressure Cooker With Food​

Completely filling a pressure cooker interferes with its ability to efficiently cook food. The flavor and quality of food is also undermined. A pressure cooker should be half way filled with food for it to function accordingly. Overfilling the pressure cooker prolongs cooking time and leads to undercooked or overcooked food.

Embrace the Stop and Go Cooking Approach​

This approach is used when a pressure cooker is used to cook different types of food. Meat, vegetables and cereals do not cook at the same time. A recipe of meat and green peas requires a stop and go cooking approach. Meat takes longer to cook and should be cooked for about 30 minutes first before addition of green peas. When the meat is partially cooked, the cooking process can be terminated using the quick release technique to eliminate vapor inside the pressure cooker. Afterwards, the green peas can be added and the cooking process initiated again. Cooking both foods ends at the same time.

High Heat Should Precede Low Heat

To attain maximum pressure in a stovetop pressure cooker, first use high heat then regulate it to low level. This technique is unnecessary in an electric pressure cooker because the process is automated.

Add a little water to thick sauces​

Thick sauces prepared in a pressure cooker can burn if they do not have enough moisture to cook. Adding a little water boosts the pressure of the cooker.

The above tips are useful when using a pressure cooker. Their application in pressure cooking promises well cooked food.​

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