How to Use Pressure Cooker Properly, Safely and Efficiently!

Understanding how to efficiently use a pressure cooker is crucial in facilitating achievement of quality cooking results. This article shares several insights with regards to proficiently using the best pressure cooker.

Understand How a Pressure Cooker Functions​

This is the first step towards efficiently using a pressure cooker. When you turn on your pressure cooker, heat generates steam. The steam is used to cook food within the shortest time possible. This is because the steam increases the boiling point of the food being pressure cooked. The pressure cooker also has a locking lid which ensures safe cooking and a pressure regulator to regulate the pressure thus enhancing efficient cooking.

Read Through the Instructions on the Manual​

It is important to read the manual that comes with your pressure cooker to understand how the specific model purchased functions. The manual contains different useful tactics when cooking different types of foods.

Understand the Amount of Liquid to Use​

In pressure cooking, majority of recipes demand addition of a certain amount of liquid or water before cooking commences. It is crucial to ensure only the right amount of water is added so that the food can cook properly. The universal rule is to ensure the pressure cooker is filled to a maximum of 2/3 liquid. 2/3 liquid is the recommended amount so as to ensure there is enough room for accumulation of steam. The type of pressure cooker used also dictates the amount of liquid used.

A Jiggle Top Cooker​

The amount of liquid added should be not less than one cup of water. Such amount of water is necessary to support pressure cooking for a duration of utmost 20 minutes.

A Valve Cooker​

The amount of liquid added should not be less than half a cup of water. This amount guarantees quality pressure cooking.

Accurately Prepare Food Prior to Pressure Cooking​

The pressure cooker has a guide that directs users as they prepare different recipes. The procedure used for preparing vegetables may differ from that of meat and poultry. Individuals should use the guide to ensure each type of meal is prepared as it should be. Below is an example of how to prepare a vegetables for pressure cooking.

In the case of frozen vegetables, the first thing should be to defrost them. As for fresh vegetables, they should be thoroughly washed. Thereafter, they should be put in the steamer basket of the pressure cooker. If the intention is to cook the vegetables for about 10 minutes, one cup of liquid should be added. If the cooking duration is more than 10 minutes, two cups of liquid should be added.

Safely Remove the Food From the Pressure Cooker​

This is extremely important to ensure a person is not exposed to harm when culminating the pressure cooking process. Once food has adequately cooked, the heat should be turned off. The pressure that is inside the cooker should be carefully lowered using pressure release techniques-natural release, cold water release and quick release method. When all the pressure has been released, proceed on to remove the lid. After removing the lid, remove the ready food from the pressure cooker.​

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