How to Use a Slow Cooker

How to Use a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a convenient method of preparing food at home. The winds of technology have blown so enormously that they have positively transformed a slow cooker. Most slow cookers now have timers and their design is greatly enticing. This article shares useful information on how to use the best slow cookers.

Provide Enough Space for the Slow Cooker​

A slow cooker has to assume adequate space on the kitchen counter to make cooking activities easy. Kitchen appliances such as food wrappings should be kept at a suitable distance from the slow cooker. It is also advisable to ensure the slow cooker is not in contact with kitchen walls. This is because the heat emitted by the slow cooker can damage them. If there are concerns about the kitchen counter, a cooling rack can be used to prevent it from destruction. However, the bottom part of a slow cooker hardly causes destruction to the counter.

Prepare the Ingredients and Put Them in the Slow Cooker​

When using a slow cooker, it is very simple to prepare the recipe you have in mind. Preparing vegetables requires just cutting them and putting them into the slow cooker. A meat recipe is very easy to prepare as well. The meat needs to be cut into small pieces making it ready for cooking. A slow cooker does not let steam escape during cooking. Thus less liquid should be used in cooking foods that require addition of liquid.

Perfectly Mount the Lid of the Slow Cooker​

A slow cooker has to be covered with a lid accurately to ensure there is no room for steam to escape when cooking. This is done to ensure cooking is done at a stable temperature. If the lid has gaps, aluminum foil can be used to conceal the gaps. The aluminum foil should be enfolded at the top of the slow cooker.

Set the Time Accurately​

Individuals have to adjust the cooking temperature depending on how slow or fast they want their meals to cook. If the cooking process is meant to take a long duration, low temperature settings are suitable. Low settings enable cooking of meals gently. If cooking is only for a short while, high temperature settings are recommended. High settings enhance cooking of meals quickly.

Award the Slow Cooker the Freedom to Cook​

A slow cooker eases a person the burden of making endless trips to the kitchen. There is no need of constantly monitoring the cooking progress. The slow cooker will do the cooking just right. It is inappropriate to take off the lid to check on the food because steam will escape slowing the cooking process.

Clean the Slow Cooker After Use​

Once the cooking process is over, the slow cooker has to be cleaned. This is to keep it ready for the next cooking session. Cleaning only requires hot water that is soapy. After cleaning, the slow cooker must dry well before it is stored.

A slow cooker is a great cooking appliance that yields delicious dishes. It is economical and guarantees healthy meals because it does not heavily depend on oil to cook food. As shown in this article, it is very easy to use a slow cooker.​

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