Zojirushi Rice Cooker​ Reviews

Zojirushi Rice Cooker

In only two years, Zojirushi Company, the world-renowned manufacturer of rice cookers, will become a centenarian! Established in 1918 in Osaka, Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company changed its name to Zojirushi in 1962. They started off with glass production, and their main product was a vacuum bottle. In 1970 however, the company started the manufacture of what will become their most famous product, the Zojirushi rice cooker. Back in the day, it was no more than an ordinary rice warmer, but today Zojirushi cookers are a synonym for durability, quality, and excellence!

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Types of Zojirushi Cookers​

Believe it or not, there are actually four types of rice cookers that Zojirushi specializes in manufacturing, which is quite the effort on their side. They all get the job done, to various degrees, of course. They used different cooking methods, so the result slightly differs from one to the other, plus, some have more advanced settings, making it easier to cook the rice just the way you like it! But the bottom line is that you can find the perfect match for you whether you need something more standard that will fit into your budget or you need something more.

  • The first type of cooker that the company started manufacturing was the conventional cooker. Zojirushi conventional electric rice cookers are affordable, convenient, and deliver on the promise of perfectly cooked rice. They are easy to operate; no preset buttons here that might confuse the living heck out of you. They are quality-made and the materials used in their manufacture are toxin-free and durable. The only real issue with these cookers is that they are best used for cooking plain, old white rice. You can’t adjust the heat or any other settings so brown and other varieties of rice cannot be cooked to perfection using them.
  • In 1983, Zojirushi introduced a new product in their line, a micom rice cooker. Micom stands for micro computerized. So this is a rice cooker that makes temperature adjustments during the cooking process to cook rice to perfection. Zojirushi Company was always forward-thinking, but they truly revolutionized rice cooking with this invention. It enabled them, and, later on, other manufacturers, to pre-program rice cookers and add various preset programs so users can cook more than one type of rice in them.
  • Not long after, the company came out with another breakthrough; the induction heating rice cooker. Things are really heating up at this point, and cooking rice is becoming more a science than your everyday routine. Zojirushi induction rice cookers use coils and magnets to heat the rice, cooking it more uniformly and thoroughly.
  • The last addition to Zojirushi rice cooker collection is the pressurized induction heating micom cooker. This one just sounds like a joke, right? Well, it is the latest craze folks! It uses pressurized steam heated by the induction coil to make the best rice you’ve ever tasted! This is the one we can wholeheartedly recommend. It makes rice-cooking a precise science, using biology of the grain and physics to cook your rice to perfection each and every time! Sushi rice, basmati rice, black rice - you name it; this cooker can cook it to perfection. It has a GABA setting (gamma-aminobutyric acid) that draws the best nutrients out of brown rice before cooking it. GABA compounds have a profound impact on the human body, and substantial intake is proven to benefit your kidney function, liver, and pretty much every other system in your body!

Why Choose a Zojirushi?

Reasons abound! If nothing, Zojirushi gives you an opportunity to pick the exact type of rice cooker you need. No need to splurge and buy the most expensive model if the basic one will do. However, if you are an avid rice eater, we recommend investing in the latest technology. The difference is noticeable and the initial higher cost is offset by the fact that it is truly a lifelong investment. Moreover, the options most of the newer and expensive ones offer are really convenient. Without the doubt, they are built for any occasion.

  • Durability and quality of make – The company has been in the business for quite some time, so it is only reasonable to assume that they know what they are doing. There is actually no reason to assume anything since they hold highest business certificates and assurances. Materials used in the manufacture of their wares are of the highest quality, and Zojirushi cookers are durable and build to last. Whichever one you decide to get, you can rest assured that it is going to serve you and your family for a long time!
  • Pioneering cutting-edge technology – Zojirushi is always pushing boundaries when it comes to rice cookers. As you can see, all major improvements of the product have been pioneered by them. They take their job seriously and have several research centers where they are testing out new technology in the efforts to introduce better and improved rice cookers to the market.
  • Versatility – They understand that people have to eat more than rice, and that is why their cookers are versatile. All Zojirushi cookers can be used to steam vegetables, and those with induction heating technology can cook pretty much anything you put in them. They still excel at making rice, but why limit yourself if you can get a product that will make your cooking in general a breeze!